20+ Best SEO Audit Tools List For Better Website Analysis (2024)

20+ Best SEO Audit Tools List For Better Website Analysis (1)

Auditing a website is not a joke. It requires a lot of time and resources to work day in and day out. It demands a keen eye to detail as the auditor has to go through over hundreds of pages. For this sole purpose, I always seekfor the best tools that SEO auditorsuse to make the auditing work much easier.

A lot of tools are now available in the market that make the work of SEO auditors much easier. Auditors do not need to spend much time doing manual checks on every web page. Today, you can easily find hundreds of different websites that have audit tools that help you identify the problems with your website.

However, it is important to note that using website auditing tools alone is not going to help you identify the problems in your system. You need to complement a professional auditing team to ensure that the results are up to the mark.

Wait, are you thinking about Google for searching the best website audit tools? I suggest you should not waste your time doing that as I have compiled a list of some of the best website SEO audit tools from all over the Internet.

1. Ahrefs Site Audit

Ahrefs Site Audit is like a mini lab to examine your site’s health. The system can recognize 110+ technical issues, from critical errors to less-pressing matters. Whatever there is to harm your website’s rankings (broken links, redirects, images or entire CSS and JavaScript files), you’ll quickly find and fix it.

When you see an issue that’s totally unclear to you, there’s no need to Google it. You can check Ahrefs’ dashboard to understand what’s wrong and how to make it right. Quite convenient! What also makes Site Audit convenient is that there’s no clunky software to install – this is a cloud-based tool.

It all depends on your website size, but in total website scanning goes quite fast. Since Ahrefs can crawl JavaScript pages besides HTML, no page will remain unchecked, and you’ll get a full picture of your site’s health.

2. ContentKing – SEO Audit

As the only real-time SEO auditing and monitoring platform, ContentKing provides you with full-situational awareness so you can improve and maintain organic search visibility.

ContentKing continuously monitors your site, alerts you to on-page issues and changes as they happen, and gives you the opportunity to take action before your rankings are impacted. With 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting, you’ll have the most up-to-date insights on your SEO performance without needing to wait for crawls to finish.

24/7 Monitoring: No more waiting for a crawl, ContentKing keeps track of everything happening on your site as it happens.

Real-time Alerting: Get instant alerts and fix SEO issues before your bottom line is impacted.

SEO Change Tracking: See what’s been added, what’s been removed, and even changes within a page.

Actionable Insights: All your SEO data in one clean overview, accessible by anyone on your team, no training required.

3. GrowthBar

GrowthBar is a simple chrome extension that gives you instant access to critical SEO data points about any website and unlocks the growth channels and keywords that are working for them.

The tool allows you to explore best performing keywords, keyword ranking difficulty score, domain authority, backlink data, page word count, Facebook ads, and more.

GrowthBar makes it stupid simple to execute SEO and grow organic traffic

4. Screaming Frog

If you are looking to analyze your complete website at once, on your desktop, then Screaming Frog is one of the best choice. Although, not entirely an audit tool but more like a crawling tool, Screaming Frog crawls your website and presents to you all the possible SEO problems with your website. It acts as a complete site auditing tool that reports on over 30 specific parameters: meta descriptions, outlinks, response time, anchor text, security, etc.

Screaming Frog is the right tool to use if you have up to 500 pages. The tool returns with reports of over 30 metrics, including meta descriptions, outlinks, response time, security, and anchor text, etc.

5. Sitechecker

Sitechecker is an all-in-one SEO platform that merges all SEO data in one place and helps to track website’s performance. It includes functionality for one-time checks (SEO audit, checking website positions by keywords, on page SEO checker) and for regular monitoring (monitoring keyword rankings, tracking backlinks, website changes monitoring). If you need to elevate page quality and SEO performance in one click, you should definitely try free Sitechecker SEO extension.

Sitechecker has pricing plans for all needs. Clear design, how-to-fix guides, custom SEO reports make SEO website audit process faster and easier.

6. SE Ranking Website Audit

SE Ranking is one of the best tools that will not only help you identify the errors but will also help you to prepare a list of task that your content, web development, and designers can look into. The tool crawls your website and comes back with more than 70 parameters like domain overview, pages, meta, content, images and links analysis, and mobile optimization.

What sets this apart from other tools is that it groups all the errors in one report, with easy-to-understand tips. Once the analysis are done, you can save the reports in PDF format for future use.

7. Seoptimer

Seoptimer is a free website auditing tool that not only reports your website critical errors but also recommends ways to improve your search ranking based on the evaluation. You can easily download the chrome extension and start working through your website pages one at a time.

8. Marketing Grader

Founded by HubSpot, Marketing Grader is a web-based tool that gives you a summary of your website with the option to expand on each point. It is a rather complex tool to use because it gives back a lot of overwhelming information and data to process.

Marketing Grader overlooks your social media pages, blog, website, mobile website, SEO, and lead generation to give you a better understanding of your website statistics. It is perfect for advanced SEO professionals who like to get into the details of where the website actually stands based on the content and links.

9. SiteAnalyzer

With a free 14-day trial, SiteAnalyzer is a great SEO audit tool. This tool brings you a report based on 50 parameters, which helps you identify your problem areas and fix all your technical SEO mistakes.

SiteAnalyzer gives you an in-depth analysis of your website with a global score on accessibility, design, networking, texts, and multimedia etc.

10. MySiteAuditor

MySiteAuditor is one of my most favorite website SEO audit tools. This tool is suited for larger SEO agencies and can be integrated into the website to help you generate more leads. MySiteAuditor is one of those tools that is directly compatible with the Google’s ranking algorithm.

Unlike other tools, MySiteAuditor identifies specific website pages for target keywords. The results can then be downloaded in PDF format or can be sent via an email for making routine strategies.

11. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the best tool to use if you are beginning your SEO career. This tool is free to use, which provides fair amount of insights and gives a summary of things that are important to note, such as broken links, page load speed, indexed web pages, HTML markups, etc. You can also identify your position of website, like the number of clicks in SERP result and the number of impressions as well.

It lacks in providing a complete picture for your website and that is a major drawback. Nonetheless, it is a great tool for an initial analysis of your website.

12. Whatagraph – SEO Report Sample

Whatagraph SEO reporting tool makes SEO performance assessment a breeze – especially for marketing agencies. This tool integrates Whatagraph with essential SEO tools such as Google Search Console, Google Analytics, SEMRush and many more to pull valuable metrics into one comprehensive marketing report.

It delivers in-depth insights to your clients in just a few clicks. Track and present website total organic traffic, clicks, impressions, CTR, link building stats, and more. With the help of this tool, you can visualize the data based on your own preference with lists, tables, charts, images, and comments.

With Whatagraph and the available integrations, you can conduct competitor SEO analysis and get yourself familiarize with competitors’ activities. Set priorities in which areas you need to focus the most. Analyze historical trends to see how your organic traffic has been growing over time versus your competitors and make weighed predictions for the future.

13. SEO Report Card

If you are looking to get a quick analysis of your website, then SEO Report Card is one of the best tool to audit your website. The tool is quite visual in presentation and is swift in workings as well. This tool audits the website-based on the following categories, such as rank analysis, link building, on-site analysis, metrics, and current Indexing etc.

14. Moz Crawl Test

Moz Crawl Test is another synonymous tool with SEO and website auditing. Moz has its own website crawler that helps webmasters to identify critical issues with the website, status codes of HTTP, and other useful SEO data for website audit. This tool also helps you to figure out the duplicate content on your website, errors that are present in the title tag, redirects of the server, and other important factors that affect the crawlability and indexability of your website.

15. DeepCrawl

DeepCrawl provides in-depth reports and and crawls millions of web pages. It is one of the best tools to use if you run large marketing projects. It also returns you reports about your competitors-based on the site structure, content, and social media marketing.

DeepCrawl also provides you the option to auto-schedule crawling tasks and allows you to customize your crawls, like set the metrics for content, web page load time, links, titles, and URL lengths, etc. In addition, DeepCrawl also allows you to manage your SEO team with ease. You can use the tool to assign tasks to your employees, create support tickets, and keep track of your website performance from time-to-time.

16. Found’s SEO Audit Tool

Found’s SEO Audit tool is a powerful tool for online marketers who are looking to find and solve SEO errors. You just need to enter your URL to get an instant report-based on the three main sections, i.e. technical, content issues, and external link analysis. You can then download the report in PDF format for future strategies and planning.

17. Alexa Site Audit

Alexa Audit tool is a favorite tool for site owners as it helps them to figure out and fix problems of their websites. It provides keyword suggestions and backlinks reports based on the data of Alexa. The generated report is formatted in an easy-to-read format, making it easier for the user to read and fix errors.

18. FirstSiteGuide Lookup Tool

FirstSiteGuide’sLookup toolis a completely free tool that helps you discover all important information about any website you need. It’s very helpful for competitive analysis, keyword and content research, rank tracking and web monitoring – which alsomakes it great if you want to improve your marketing and SEO.

19. SERPSTAT Website Audit Tool

Serpstat site audit is a tool that can help you to assess and improve your technical optimization easily. This tool is suited not only for SEO specialist and agencies but also for those who are strangers to SEO. It shows types of mistakes you have on your site along with their location, and even gives brief recommendations on how to fix it. Therefore, you can run your domain through this tool and get all information you need to improve your site and rank higher as a result.

It finds all errors related to meta tags, headings, indexation, links, redirects, server parameters, HTTP, loading speed. It allows exporting your report to the spreadsheet or PDF format. Also, you can add your own logo to this report.

20. Benchmark Hero Solution

Benchmark Hero does a complete and detailed audit of your online store and provides valuable insights and actionable points through its report, showing you why your store isn’t meeting your traffic or conversion goals.

100% free, it will enable you to compare your eCommerce store to thousands of large online stores and pinpoint what you can easily do to improve your store today!

Benchmark Hero works in three steps:

Step 1 – Auditing Your Site: First, the app will audit your online store, ranking it on four segments: marketing, shopping experience, trustworthiness and technical performance.

Step 2 – Benchmarking: Next, the automated store feedback app will compare and rank your site’s stats against leading 7- and 8-figure eCommerce stores.

Step 3 – Action Items: Lastly, Benchmark Hero will guide you through each item and show you the immediate action you can take to instantly improve your online store and ranking.

During this automated audit process, the system will help you review and improve your customer value, recurring customer percentage and site speed, while showing you how customers see your site and how Google scans it.

21. Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Spider is a desktop tool for day-to-day SEO audit, quick search for issues, systematic analysis, and website scraping. You can analyze incoming and outgoing links, find broken links and redirects, consider indexation instructions, and escape duplicate content: Titles, Meta Descriptions, H1 Headers, full pages, etc. A tool can calculate internal PageRank to improve website linking structure and you can set custom rules to crawl either the entire website or its certain part. It shows the data of various SEO factors that might be hurting your rankings.

Netpeak Spider is available for free with no limitations by the term of use, the number of analyzed URLs, and settings customization.

22. Seomator

Seomator is an online SEO Audit tool crawls a website and provides a comprehensive analysis Report you can export and download in a white-label PDF detailing the problems, scores, and fixes to on-page and off-page SEO performance.

If you want to get a quick analysis of your website than Seomator is exactly what you need. It is the best Embedded SEO Audit tool you can use to force your sales up by getting new leads. Also, Seomator has SEO Monitoring Alerts options that perform auto-schedule crawling tasks and give you an opportunity to track any changes in a website’s SEO life continually.

Furthermore, using Seomator Domain Comparison tool, you can easily compare two competitors’ websites in 10 minutes and be able to offer one of them a quick decision about SEO improvements.

23. Website Auditor

WebSite Auditor is a SEO audit tool for desktop that lets you conduct a full audit of your website in a matter of minutes.

The tool does a sitewide audit, just like most technical SEO crawlers do, analyzing websites for technical SEO issues, such as duplicates, redirect chains, broken resources, and more.

It shows errors and gives tips on how to fix them, so handling all of them won’t be a big deal.

Additionally, you can connect WebSite Auditor to Page Speed API to do a bulk check of all your pages and see if they meet the Core Web Vitals requirements.

There are a number of specialized webmaster tools to create sitemaps, robots.txt files, manage hreflang tags, and do a load more of technical SEO stuff. Besides, WebSite Auditor has a special Visualization tool that visualizes the website structure, with all its pages and internal links.

The tool has its proprietor metrics InLink Rank which vaguely corresponds to Google’s PageRank to measure a page’s or domain’s SEO value.

WebSite Auditor is also good for page-by-page optimization. It contains the SEO Content Editor to improve on-page SEO right in the app. You can analyze an individual page (or create one from scratch), check its optimization rate, add recommended keywords, test meta snippets, and more. These are some of the best ecommerce SEO tools that you can use right now.

Ready to Pick Your Best Website Audit Tool?

Adding one or a combination of these tools along with advanced analytics tool for marketing is going to allow you to closely assess your website and stand out against your competitors.

Please note that this is in no way a comprehensive list and neither is it based on any ranking factors. For a more in-depth list of tools, James Hubbard’s guide to SEO auditing is worth a look. Additionally, remember the point I raised at the beginning, none of these tools are all-encompassing, and you need to complement these tools with the right SEO team and take the right steps for your online business. Please let me know, which tools do you use for your website audit. Thank you!

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20+ Best SEO Audit Tools List For Better Website Analysis (3)

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20+ Best SEO Audit Tools List For Better Website Analysis (2024)


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  • BrightLocal: Best for local search engine optimization (SEO)
  • AnswerThePublic: Best affordable SEO tool.
  • Google Search Console: Best for debugging your site.
  • Screaming Frog: Best for finding on-site SEO issues.
  • Google Analytics: Best for free site analytics.
  • Moz Pro: Best Ahrefs alternative.
Apr 5, 2024

Which free SEO audit tools will perform a detailed SEO analysis? ›

SEOMator - SEOMator is a free website SEO audit tool that provides a detailed analysis of your website's search engine optimization, including technical and on-page factors, content quality, and competitor analysis.

Is an SEO audit used to Analyse websites? ›

While an SEO link audit analyzes the links associated with your website, an SEO website audit evaluates all the factors that can impact your site's performance in SERPs. This includes links but also extends to other aspects such as keyword usage, content, metadata, page speed, user journey, and video optimization.

How to do a professional SEO audit? ›

How to do an SEO audit
  1. Run a crawl of your website. ...
  2. Identify organic traffic drops and work out what caused them. ...
  3. Check for any duplicates of your website. ...
  4. Find and diagnose indexability issues. ...
  5. Ensure your site is mobile-friendly. ...
  6. Benchmark your Core Web Vitals scores. ...
  7. Reclaim authority by fixing broken pages.
Jul 25, 2023

How do I Analyse a website for SEO? ›

If you need help, check out our SEO competitor analysis guide that teaches you how to do that.
  1. Analyze Competitors' Organic Traffic. ...
  2. Check Your Keyword Rankings. ...
  3. Compare Your Bounce Rate with Your Competitors. ...
  4. Check Your and Your Competitors' Website Authority. ...
  5. Check Your Website's Technical Health. ...
  6. Access 55+ Tools.
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What is the best SEO structure for website? ›

The best SEO-friendly URL structure is hierarchical, which moves from general pages, with optimized URLs, to more specific ones. Hierarchical navigation is tree-like in nature. The home page is at the top, underneath which are category pages that can be further broken into different sub-categories.

What is the most expensive SEO tool? ›

SEO Software: The Top Ten Highest Rated SEO Tools
  • Pricing for SEM Rush ranges from $119.95 to $449.95 a month, depending on the plan chosen.
  • Pricing for AWR starts at $49 a month.
  • Pricing for Raven Tools ranges from $0 to $399 a month.
  • Pricing for Moz ranges from $99 to $599 a month.

Why is Semrush the best SEO tool? ›

Semrush: At a Glance

It ranked as one of Forbes Advisor's best SEO software. In addition to its comprehensive keyword research tool, it also offers a wide range of SEO-related tools such as rank tracking, website monetization, competitor SEO analysis, content optimization, social media management, local SEO and more.

What is the difference between SEO and SEO audit? ›

Unlike an audit, which is often a one-time process, SEO analysis involves continuous monitoring of your website's performance. Tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) helps you adapt your strategies in real-time to stay ahead of algorithm changes and industry trends.

Can I get a quality SEO audit for free? ›

SEOptimer is a free SEO Audit Tool that will perform a detailed SEO Analysis across 100 website data points, and provide clear and actionable recommendations for steps you can take to improve your online presence and ultimately rank better in Search Engine Results.

How much does an SEO audit cost? ›

The SEO audit cost varies with the website's size and purpose of the website. However, companies charge a typical cost is anything between $650 to $14,000 for every SEO audit. This is a standard range that most companies follow to deliver a comprehensive SEO audit report.

How many backlinks should a website have? ›

A good website has 40-50 backlinks to its homepage and 0-100 to each subpage. Too few backlinks mean Google's robot crawlers won't boost your pages in search engine results. However, too many can look like you're receiving backlinks unethically, so they won't be counted, either.

What makes a good SEO audit? ›

A good SEO audit is crawl-based. That means you should be able to simulate the way Google crawls your pages. And see all issues related to those pages the way Google might see them. To do that, you'll need a website SEO auditing tool like Site Audit.

Which tool is provided by Google for website analysis in SEO? ›

Search Console is a tool from Google that helps developers, website owners, and SEO professionals understand how their site is performing on Google Search.

Which are the tools used for SEO audit? ›

10 Best SEO Audit Tools for Higher Rankings and More Traffic
  • Semrush Site Audit Tool.
  • Semrush On Page SEO Checker.
  • Google Search Console.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights.
  • JetOctopus.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider.
  • Ahrefs Site Audit.
  • Moz Site Crawl.
Oct 4, 2023

What is the SEO audit tool? ›

An SEO audit is the process of evaluating how well your website is optimized for search engines. It identifies errors that can prevent your site from ranking well and opportunities that can help you gain more visibility. An SEO audit usually covers areas like: Indexing and crawlability.

How can I do SEO audit for free? ›

Free SEO Tools powered by SEOmator
  1. Robots.txt Tester.
  2. Free SEO Audit Tool.
  3. Analyze both organic and paid traffic data for any website through the free organic traffic checker.
  4. Check the Domain Authority of any website for free the based on the quality and quantity of its external backlinks.

What is a good tool for information audit? ›

Features of the 15 best audit software providers
Audit softwareCAPABuilt-in workflows
1. AuditBoardNOYES
2. IntelexYESYES
3. TipaltiNOYES
4. SAP Audit ManagementYESYES
11 more rows
Dec 12, 2022

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