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2023-2024 North Dakota Secondary Essay Prompts **Questions in green must be answered and are all related to establishing residency and ties to ND. For Question #2 read through all the options and answer "no" to the first one if you don't qualify**
If you decide you are a member of their target groups, the real essays start at #4

  1. 1) Residency History: List each permanent residence starting with your place of birth and number of years at each residence. The last two questions in this section are required.
    1. What is your state of current permanent residence? (This would be where your driver’s license is from, what state you pay taxes to, etc...) (Required)
    2. List the high school, city, and zip code you graduated from. (Required)
  2. 2) The UND School of Medicine & Health Science gives residency preference in admissions. To be considered for one of our residency preferences, you must answer the questions below. If you do not meet any of our residency preferences, please select "no" on the first question.
    1. Do you meet one of the UND SMHS residency preferences?
    2. Are you currently a legal resident of North Dakota and graduated from a North Dakota high school?
    3. Are you currently a legal resident of North Dakota for five consecutive years or longer at the time of your application to UND SMHS?
    4. Are you currently and have you been a resident of North Dakota for more than one but less than five years at the time of your application to UND SMHS?
    5. Do ALL the following questions apply to you:
      1) A North Dakota high school graduate?
      2) A previous legal resident of North Dakota for ten years or more? 3) Your parents are current legal residents of North Dakota?
    6. Excluding online degrees, are you, or will be at the time of matriculation, a graduate of a North Dakota college or university?
    7. Excluding online degrees, do you have a first-degree family member (mother, father, sibling, child, or spouse) who is a graduate of a North Dakota college or university? List family member and the college or university they attended.
    8. Do ALL the following apply to you:
      1) You currently are a legal ND resident for less than one year OR you are currently not a resident of ND?

2) Your spouse is currently attending or has been accepted into a ND university or college at the time of your application to UND SMHS?
3) You will be living in ND during the current academic year?

  1. Are you a current legal resident of Minnesota and graduated from a high school in Minnesota Red River Valley? List high school and county (Applicant Eligibility)
  2. Do ALL the following questions apply to you:
    1) A current legal MN resident?
    2) You have resided in a MN Red River Valley county for one year or more at
    the time of your application to UND SMHS?
    3) If this applies to you, list county you have resided in for one year or more.
  3. Do ALL the following questions apply to you:
    1) A current legal MN resident for one year or more at time of your application to UND SMHS?
    2) You live outside the Red River Valley area?
  4. Do ALL the following questions apply to you:
    1) A current legal MN resident for less than one year at time of your application to UND SMHS?
    2) You live outside the Red River Valley area?
  5. Are you a current resident of a WICHE-sending state Wyoming or Montana?

3) The following question is used to identify applicants for the Indians into Medicine (INMED) Program. For information regarding this program, contact [emailprotected]. If not applicable proceed to the next Question Set.
If applicable answer the following questions below:
1) Are you an enrolled member of a U.S. federally recognized tribe?
2) Do you agree to have your application shared with the Indians Into Medicine office? If you answer no to this question, you will not be reviewed for the INMED program.

Answer questions 4 – 11. Do not leave any questions blank.
4) The School of Medicine & Health Sciences is a community-based medical school, and because of the unique circ*mstances of our regional location, we place special emphasis on the unique skills needed to provide care for patients and populations in rural and Native American communities across all competencies. The primary purpose of the UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences is to educate physicians and other health professionals for subsequent service in North Dakota and to enhance the quality of life of its people. Other purposes include the discovery of knowledge that benefits the people of
this state and enhances the quality of their lives. Please explain the steps you have taken towards, and how you will fulfill different aspects of the school’s mission. (1200 words)

  1. 5) Reflect on personal experiences of resilience and emotional intelligence throughout your life and how this has prepared you in your pursuit of a career in medicine. (1200 characters)
  2. 6) Describe your experiences with diverse populations. Examples include a summary of a volunteer experience, study abroad, employment, self-taught endeavor or a formal course on diversity that includes direct interaction with individuals or groups from socio- economic disadvantaged, diverse cultures, rural, or other backgrounds. (1200 characters)
  3. 7) Describe your research activity. Examples include the outcome of a formal research experience, course-dependent undergraduate research, thesis, or capstone project. (600 characters)
  4. 8) Describe your creative activity. Examples include the on-going production of art forms, artistic performance, or other creative efforts, such as photography, painting, musical talents, needlework, cooking, wood-working, building cars, yoga instructor, dancing, theatre performance, writing, gaming etc. (600 characters)
  5. 9) Expand and reflect on medical and/or clinical experience as it relates to the mission of the School of Medicine & Health Sciences. This may include a summary of physician shadowing, clinical observation, community service, volunteer work, and/or employment. Examples include, but are not limited to, work in a clinic, hospital, as a first responder, clinical lab, public health, home health visits, assisted living, nursing home care, youth camps, or relevant military duty. (1200 characters)

10) Expand and reflect on leadership and team experience. This may include a summary of leadership roles or teamwork in employed positions, extracurricular activities, organizations, volunteer services, or any other leadership or team experiences. (1200 characters)
11) What are your career plans if you do not ever get admitted to medical school? (600 characters)
12) If needed, update the information in your AMCAS application (i.e., grades in recent courses, alterations in your proposed coursework or graduation, additions to extracurricular activities, unreported legal and institutional infractions, etc.). (600 characters)
13) Are you currently enrolled in a grant-funded and/or degree-granting post- baccalaureate program and/or advanced degree? If so, what is your timeline for completion? (600 characters)
14) Have you participated in any of these pathway programs: Scrubs Camp, Med Prep, CLIMB, Summer Institute, Pre-Med Day, etc? Please indicate all that apply. (Radio option)

  1. 15) UND SMHS REAPPLICANTS ONLY: When was your previous application, and, subsequently, what steps have you taken to strengthen your candidacy? Note any relevant academic, employment, clinical, and personal experience and/or
    development. (1200 characters)
  2. 16) Have you read the UND SMHS Standards of Capacity policy (https://med.und.edu/policies/_files/docs/4.14-standards-of-capacity.pdf), and are you prepared to meet these standards with or without reasonable accommodations?

Equal Opportunity Policy Statement:
It is the policy of the University of North Dakota that no person in the United States shall be discriminated against because of race, religion, age, color, gender, disability, national origin, creed, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, veteran’s status, or political belief or affiliation and the equal opportunity and access to facilities shall be available to all. This policy is particularly applicable in the admission of students in all colleges, and in their academic pursuits. It also is applicable in the University-owned or University-approved housing, food services, extracurricular activities and all other student services. It is a guiding policy in the employment of students either by the University or by outsiders through the University and in the employment of faculty and staff. Concerns regarding Title IX, Title VI, Title VII, ADA, and Section 504 may be addressed to Donna Smith, Director of Equal Opportunity & Title IX at 701.777.4171, [emailprotected] or the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Dept. of Education, 500 West Madison, Suite 1475, Chicago, IL 60611 or any other federal agency.

Good luck to everyone applying!

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2023-2024 North Dakota (2024)
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