25 Satisfying and Unusual Self Care Ideas You Probably Haven’t Tried (2024)

One of the easiest ways to shake things up with your self-care practice is to add unusual self-care ideas to your routine.

Taking time for yourself is vital to staying healthy and happy, but that doesn’t have to mean only sticking with the same self-care activities. Why not freshen up your routine by adding some exciting new ideas?

Maintaining a self-care routine can be challenging, but there are other options beyond essential oils and yoga for reducing stress levels because they aren’t the only way or path to success.

3 Major Reasons Why You Should Consider Unusual Self Care Ideas:

  • It can be great for your emotional health and emotional needs in the long run by providing new ways to cope and heal.
  • It’s an easy wayto keep your self-care journey exciting and something to look forward to when you have a tough time staying motivated.
  • etting out of a regular daily routine and daily life in small ways can be satisfying and fun!

I’ve listed some unusual self-care methods to help you sneak a little self-care and spontaneity into your journey while still meeting your current needs.

If you are new to self-care, the variety of self-care tips in this article is a good starting point. But if you’re looking for ways to add excitement, read on; this post is for you!

25 Unusual Self-Care Activities to Try

1.Organize Your Closet/drawers

What is more satisfying than clean closets and organized dressers? Skip the daily chaotic search for something to wear and give yourself peace of mind.

Organizing your wardrobe counts as self-care because decluttering the space you visit most often can prevent stress and anxiety and lessen depression.

2. Exfoliate Your Entire Body

There are many benefits to exfoliating your skin, unclogging pores and acne prevention being among the most popular.

Exfoliating can also support your immune system, boost circulation, and drain the lymphatic system, detoxifying your skin and boosting cellular health. Of course, nothing screams self-care better than glowy, radiant skin.

3. Organize Pictures and Videos on Your Phone

Thanks to evolving technology, our mobile phones take pictures and videos and create fun albums full of key highlights and good ol’ days. Scrolling through your phone can be self-care by evoking a good laugh or even just reminding yourself of your beauty.

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4. See a Random Singer/Band

If you’re a music lover, being open to random shows is the type of self-care that can benefit you mentally and socially. You might leave with a new BFF you can bond over music with or a new addition to your playlist.

25 Satisfying and Unusual Self Care Ideas You Probably Haven’t Tried (1)

5. Take an Aerial Fitness Class

While aerial fitness may seem unusually hard, many benefits can assist you on your self-care journey.

Aerial fitness improves breath awareness and releases endorphins, tension, and joint pressure–all things helpful when managing and preventing stress, anxiety, and depression.

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6. Go Ax Throwing

Aside from the obvious physical health benefits, ax throwing can be a great addition to your self-care and self-love journey.

Letting out your frustrations by (safely) throwing an ax can be satisfying and can improve your self-awareness, patience, and concentration. Go with an old friend or alone, either way, you’re going to have fun!

7. Solo Sip and Paint Date

Of course, attempting a sip and paint with your partners and/or friends can be fun. But have you ever considered making it a solo date? It can be satisfying to do away with the themes and let your creativity flow.

With your favorite wine or virgin drink, take this date to the park, or create an intimate setting for yourself at home.

8. Visit a Museum

While museums may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the benefits and advantages may be enough for one to reconsider.

Museums have a beautiful way of increasing our sense of well-being, challenging our view of life, and inspiring us. If you needdifferent formsof mental stimulation, visiting a museum may help.

25 Satisfying and Unusual Self Care Ideas You Probably Haven’t Tried (2)

9. Read Your Favorite Childhood Book

Choose a good book that you loved reading as a child and read it in its entirety. Then, take a moment to acknowledge, feel, and appreciate the feelings that arise.

Satisfying your inner child may be just what you need to calm anxiety, ease depression symptoms, show yourself deep love, and assist in your healing process.

25 Satisfying and Unusual Self Care Ideas You Probably Haven’t Tried (3)

10. Deep Clean Your Living Space

Cleaning doesn’t always have to be associated with being a boring orbad thing. On the contrary, deep cleaning can be very satisfying and good for your mental health when done intuitively.

Feeling comfortable in the space we spend a long time in can help keep our minds clear, our airways open, and our stress levels down.

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11. See a Stand-Up Comedy Show

Laughter is contagious and stimulates your organs while releasing happy hormones. Being around a lot of people, and enjoying good (or bad) jokes with fun energy can be healing.

If going to an actual comedy show isn’t realistic, check out the many comedy specials on Netflix or your favorite streaming service.

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12. Take a Nap

Taking a nap may seem like a small change, but it’s a great way to give your mind and body alittle rebootthroughout your day. Napping can improve your mood, reduce stress, and improve your overall performance. Ensure you set the alarm, so you don’t close your eyes and wake up the next day.

13. Listen to Your Favorite Album From Start to Finish

Try music therapy by listening to your favorite album for self-care. This unusual but satisfying self-care practice can help you further connect to yourself while in ameditative practiceor even provide a pick-me-up when you’re having a bad day or stuck innegative emotions.

Try doing this in the morning to set yourself up for the rest of the day.

14. Write a Love Song to Yourself

I’m sure you’ve reached the side of the internet where everyone is being urged to romanticize their life and be the main character in their story. There is no better way to do that than by writing yourself a love song.

This self-care practice can boost your self-esteem and give you somuch timeto reflect on your growth, your strengths, and the things you love most about yourself.

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15. Book a Head/Neck Massage

Boost your memory, lower blood pressure, and uplift your mood with a head/neck massage.

Booking a session and having a professional pay close attention to these areas help switch up your self-care routine, and you might even find yourself going regularly. Your future self will thank you!

16. Create a “Daydream” Pinterest Board

One of the good things about creating a Pinterest board of random items you love and daydream about is that it can add a fun little twist to modern vision boards without the added pressure of having to pursue any of them.

17. Create a Self-Care Bucket List

Have you ever wanted to add something interesting to your morning routine, like watching the sunrise?

Creating alist of thingscan be incredible for organization and manifestation. Making a self-care bucket list can help you reach your goals in a fun, challenging way.

25 Satisfying and Unusual Self Care Ideas You Probably Haven’t Tried (4)

18. Go Horseback Riding

If physical health is a part of your self-care, add horseback riding to your routine, According toheart.org, saddling up actually improves cardiovascular health.

Horseback riding is a great way to naturally boost your mood. It has the power to trigger an increase in feel-good hormones that can help you relax and cope with stress more easily – leaving you feeling happier overall.

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19. Shop For New Accessories

Accessories can help make an outfit and/or add your personality to a wardrobe full of uniforms and monotony.

It is Integral to the yourself-care journey that you express yourself and make room for your authentic self in your everyday life. Accessories can be jewelry, waist beads, headbands/wraps, or even your favorite shoelaces. The possibilities are endless.

20. Go Through Your “Watch Later” List on Youtube

Do you ever find yourself constantly adding informative videos to your watch list and never getting to them because you always have so little time?

Take a self-care break and watch those videos to feel accomplished and reduce stress and anxiety.

21. Book a Hotel in Your Own City

Practice self-care by allowing yourself a night or two without chores and responsibilities in a local hotel. Consider a hotel with yummy room service and complimentary breakfast to take your relaxation up a notch.

22. Write Permission Slips for Yourself

Since self-care is supposed to help us grow and is far from limiting, grant yourself permission to do things you usually wouldn’t. Giving yourself permission slips can help you enjoy positive things without guilt and gain a new perspective on discipline and self-care.

23. Book an Unusual Airbnd

There has been an emergence of cool, and unusual Airbnb listings. With a quick search, you can find treehouses, tiny houses, RVs, and even school buses, ready for you to enjoy.

This is one of those unique self-care ideas that can be enjoyed with your best friend or a family member. Make the most of it by putting your phone on airplane mode and soaking in the present moment.

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24. Schedule Time to Talk to Yourself

We make room to speak with friends and family, why not set aside some time to talk to ourselves?

You can use this time for positive self-talk, reciting feel-good words, or even just celebrating a small win and giving yourself positive feedback.

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25. Invite your BFF over for a dance party

Invite a good friend for a fun dance party to indulge in shared self-care.

One of the best ways to set aside time for self-care is to surround yourself with people you enjoy and good music to get your body moving. This can relieve stress and lower anxiety.

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Adding Unusual Self Care to Your Routine

Finding creative ideas when you need help with self-care is the most important thing you can do aside from seeking professional help. After reading this list of unusual self-care ideas, you should first add one or more of these best self-care ideas to your routine.

Some of the best things to note are that every form of self-care mentioned can be done in different ways to enjoy alone or with a support group.

What unusual self-care ideas are you excited to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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25 Satisfying and Unusual Self Care Ideas You Probably Haven’t Tried (2024)
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