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Migrating Termux to F-Droid

Know about the recent repository changes of Termux and migration from Google Play Store to F-Droid.

This guide only deals with devices running Android 7 and above. Termux removed the support forAndroid 6 and below starting 1st January 2021.

What are the recent changes made to Termux?

All Termux repositories previously hosted on JFrog Bintray are down since 1st May 2021. It means that all repositorieshosted on domain are no longer available anymore. It is due to the recent withdrawal of the Bintrayhosting service by JFrog (more aboutthat here (opens in a new tab)).

F-Droid houses the latest stable versions of Termux that are now not released on the Play Store. It is the reason that we should have the latest version from F-Droid installed.

Okay, but what is F-Droid you ask?

F-Droid is an installable catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. In Insimpler terms, F-Droid is like the Play Store for open-sourced applications for Android.

Is it safe?

F-Droid is entirely open-sourced and has millions of eyes monitoring the source code of the apps submitted. It hasstrict compliance for the app submissions, and a zero-tolerance for Google APIs. Please read this section regarding the safety of these binaries.

(Video) Easily Run Linux On Android With AndroNix - Linux Distro on Android without root

How can I migrate?

There are two ways which you can use to migrate to the Termux published on the F-Droid Store.

Integrated Method


This method has been removed from Andronix due to a violation with Google Play policies.

Manual Method

If you haven't installed Termux via the F-Droid client or via directly downloading their APK file and installing it, thechances are that you're still running the Google Play Store version. In that case, follow the instruction below.

Uninstall Termux

Uninstall the present installation of Termux

(Video) How to install Linux on Android without Root | Andronix 7.0 | 2023

This will remove all the distros and other data related to Termux that you might have but is a necessary step in order to avoid version conflict. If you want to back up your data, please follow this guide (opens in a new tab)

Download Termux

You can download the latest version of the Termux app from Andronix's Termux Release Mirror (opens in a new tab).

Download Termux

Alternatively, you can visit (opens in a new tab) and download the APK of the latest version of Termux.Alternatively, you can also download and install the F-Droid client to help you manage future updates and otherstuff.

You can read more about the security of the F-Droid APK mirrors and check their hashes at Termux Security.


Android might give you a warning that files like these might harm your device; you can safelyignore that. That is a generic warning triggered whenever you download an executable or installable file fromelsewhere than the Google Play Store.

(Video) How to install Linux on Android without Root | Andronix 6.0 | 2021

Download APK

Once you've downloaded the APK, the next step is to Allow installation from Unknown Sources.

Click on File

Click on the downloaded file, and you might see a popup like the one shown below:

Andronix Documentation (1)

If you don't see this warning, please skip to the next step but if you do, follow along.

(Video) Install Linux On Any Android SmartPhone 2022 [No Root] | RUN Linux On Android With AndroNix

Click on the Settings options of the popup and turn on the radio button as shown below.

Andronix Documentation (2)

p.s., you might be running a different browser and not chrome.

Hit back a few times until you see this dialog shown below.

Andronix Documentation (3)

(Video) How to install Andronix Modded OS | Andronix 7.0 | 2023

Click Install

Just click on the Install, and that's it 🎉.

Update Mirror List

You're all done! If you're still facing issues downloading packages, you can update the mirror lists to your liking,taking help from this guide here (opens in a new tab).


Is Andronix modded OS worth it? ›

Well worth the small price.

They go a long and using them everyday made me realise how much power my phone holds.

How do you use Andronix? ›

Easy to follow with an intuitive UI.
  1. Copy. Just copy and paste a command from Andronix into Termux. ...
  2. Configure. Wait for the download to complete & setup the distro. ...
  3. Connect. Connect any display to the VNC server running on your phone. ...
  4. Done! Enjoy your distro on any screen you like within your network!

How do I start VNC in Andronix? ›

Operating the VNC Server
  1. Start VNC Server. Andronix has already copied the necessary command on your clipboard if you are on the VNC server page. ...
  2. Install a VNC Client. That's it. ...
  3. Add VNC Server. ...
  4. Select VNC Server. ...
  5. Continue. ...
  6. Enter your VNC password. ...
  7. Almost done ☑️ ...
  8. Click on 'i' Button.
Apr 30, 2023

How do I start Ubuntu in Termux Andronix? ›

To run Ubuntu on termux, please type command ./ When you enter ubuntu, the display will be like in the picture below!. Run Ubuntu and vncserver on Termux!

Why should I install Linux on Android? ›

Installing a regular Linux distribution on an Android device opens a whole new world of possibilities. You can turn your Android device into a full-blown Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP server and run web-based applications on it, install and use your favorite Linux tools, and even run a graphical desktop environment.

Is Andronix a VM? ›

Andronix is one of the easiest ways to run a virtual machine on your android smartphone. The app provides you with all the tools and instructions.

Can I replace Android with Linux? ›

As with the various smartphones, you'll need to check each Linux mobile OS for compatibility. While you can't replace Android OS with Linux on most Android tablets, it is worth investigating, just in case. One thing you definitely can't do, however, is install Linux on an iPad.

Can I run Linux apps on Android? ›

Once your Android device is rooted, you can download and install a Linux installer app from the Google Play Store. There are several apps available, including Linux Deploy, UserLAnd, and AnLinux. Choose one of these apps and install it on your Android device.

Can I run Linux on Android? ›

Various options are available for running Linux on Android. Your choice is determined by whether your Android device is rooted or not. In almost all cases, your phone, tablet, or even Android TV box can run a Linux desktop environment. You can also install a Linux command-line tool on Android.

How to install VNC remotely? ›

On the device you want to control from
  1. Download VNC Connect.
  2. Click the Install VNC Viewer button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Sign in using your RealVNC account credentials. You should see the remote computer appear in your team:
  4. Click or tap to connect. You are prompted to authenticate to VNC Server.
Jan 31, 2023

What port is VNC? ›

VNC by default uses TCP port 5900+N, where N is the display number (usually :0 for a physical display). Several implementations also start a basic HTTP server on port 5800+N to provide a VNC viewer as a Java applet, allowing easy connection through any Java-enabled web-browser.

How to remote Android using VNC? ›

Connect to Android VNC Server
  1. Provide VNC Server details on the Client app. Open the VNC client and provide the IP address and port number. ...
  2. Provide VNC Password. Next provide the VNC password that you chose while setting up the VNC Server for Android. ...
  3. Access Android VNC Server on Windows.
Mar 15, 2022

How to install VS Code on Android? ›

Follow the steps below:
  1. Step 1 - Install termux. In order to install VS code, you will have to install termux using this link. ...
  2. Step 2 - Install ubuntu using termux. ...
  3. Step 3 - Downloading code server. ...
  4. Step 4 - Set up a password and start using VS Code.

How to start Linux from command line? ›

If you can't find a launcher, or if you just want a faster way to bring up the terminal, most Linux systems use the same default keyboard shortcut to start it: Ctrl-Alt-T.

What is Proot? ›

A command to a donkey or mule to move faster.

What is rooted device in Android? ›

Rooting is the process of unlocking or jailbreaking a device, such as a smartphone or tablet. It most commonly refers to android devices. A rooted device gives the user much more freedom to customize the device and achieve more administrative control.

Can I root my phone without PC? ›

Can Android be rooted without PC? Yes, you can totally root by just having your Android device. There are plenty of apps available such as KingRoot, Magisk, Framaroot, which allow you to directly root your Android device without a PC.

Why Linux is better than Windows? ›

In terms of security, Linux is considered to be more secure than Windows as it is less susceptible to viruses and malware. Windows, being the most popular OS in the world, is a more common target for cyber-attacks.

What is the alternative to Andronix VNC? ›

Deskify is an alternative of Andronix App.

Which Linux server is best for virtual machine? ›

Best Linux Distros for a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Ubuntu Server.
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
  • Rocky Linux.
  • Linux Mint.
  • Elementary OS.
  • Zorin OS.
  • Lubuntu.
  • Linux Lite.
May 4, 2023

Which VM is best for Linux? ›

Top 5 Virtual Machines For Linux
  • Gnome Boxes - With specific workstation setups.
  • Virtual Machine Manager - With enhanced OS deployment.
  • UCS Virtual Machine Manager - Complete choice for your SMB.
  • AQEMU - For intermediate users.
  • VMWare Workstation Pro - With device redirection.

Which OS will replace Android? ›

Fuchsia (operating system)
The Fuchsia GUI
OS familyCapability-based, Inspired by Unix kernels (Not Unix-like)
Working stateCurrent
Source modelOpen source
Initial releaseMay 25, 2021
12 more rows

Which Linux is best for Android phone? ›

Top 3 Linux Operating Systems for Android Phones
  1. Ubuntu Touch – Easiest Operating System for Android Phones. Probably the most anticipated replacement for Linux users is the OS made by the Ubuntu Developers. ...
  2. LineageOS – Bug-free Operating System for Android Phones. ...
  3. postmarketOS – Alpine-based OS for Android Phones.
Nov 29, 2022

Why can't Android run Linux apps? ›

Android is a Linux based system, but not “Embedded”… An embedded operating system is a specialized operating system (OS) designed to perform a specific task for a device that is not a computer… Think “washing machine”… It could be argued that Android (And Chrome OS) are non-traditional Linux Distro's….

What is the best Android emulator for Linux? ›

One of the top choices to run an Android application on Linux is Testsigma. Being a cloud-based test automation platform supporting emulators, all you need is a browser and an account to operate the application. It eliminates the need to download and install multiple binaries for different OS.

Is Android better than Linux? ›

Key Difference Between Linux vs Android

Usually, multiple architecture support is provided by Linux, and Android supports only two major architectures, ARM and x86. The ARM platform is widespread on mobile phones, while the Android-x86 targets mainly Mobile Internet Devices.

Can I install Ubuntu on Android phone? ›

How to Install Ubuntu Touch on Your Android Smartphone
  1. Start by downloading and installing the UBports installer.
  2. Next, attach your Android phone using a reliable USB data cable.
  3. Once you've done this, run the UBports installer on your computer.
  4. The phone (or tablet) should be automatically detected.
Dec 27, 2022

What is WayDroid? ›

Waydroid brings all the apps you love, right to your desktop, working side by side your Linux applications. The Android inside the container has direct access to needed hardwares. The Android runtime environment ships with a minimal customized Android system image based on LineageOS.

Which version of Linux is used in Android? ›

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Is it possible to dual boot Android? ›

Yes you can but it does not work with all apps. I got an app in the Dualboot I made for Oneplus 6/7 series and had an app where you can choose which apps should be shared on both roms.

Is there a free version of VNC? ›

VNC Connect offers a free version for personal use limited to five remote computers for up to three users.

What is the difference between VNC and RDP? ›

VNC vs RDP platforms.

VNC servers work on a variety of platforms, allowing you to share screens and keyboards between Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi devices. RDP server is proprietary and only works with one operating system.

What is RDP in Linux? ›

Anyone with authorized access to a CSL managed Linux computer can connect remotely using an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) client. This protocol provides a graphical login environment which should largely mirror a session at the computer screen.

Does VNC use IP address? ›

Use VNC Server to look up the private (internal) IP address of the computer. Download VNC Viewer to the device you want to control from. Enter the private IP address in VNC Viewer to establish a direct connection. Enter the user name and password you typically use to log on to the VNC Server computer.

Is VNC Viewer TCP or UDP? ›

By default, VNC Viewer trys to establish a UDP connection first, which is likely to make the remote access session more responsive, before falling back to TCP if (for example) UDP is not enabled in your network environment.

Is VNC port 5900 TCP or UDP? ›

Ports 5900 through 5999
5900TCPPort 5900 is commonly the remote frame buffer protocol used by the many variants of VNC.
5901TCPPort 5901 is commonly used for a second VNC server. See port 5900.

How to remotely control an Android phone from another Android phone? ›

How to remotely view Android tablet and Android phone screens
  1. Get Splashtop SOS. ...
  2. Download the SOS app on the device that you want to view or control. ...
  3. Enter the code in your Splashtop Business app and start remote viewing the Android screen. ...
  4. Using the Viewing Controls. ...
  5. Disconnecting the Session.
Jun 2, 2023

Can Android be controlled remotely? ›

There are several ways to remote control Android phones or devices. First, you can use your Windows PC or Mac to remote control your Android devices. You can also remote control your Android devices from another Android mobile or tablet. You can also use iPhone or iPad to control Android devices remotely.

What can I use instead of VNC Viewer on Android? ›

Top 10 Alternatives to VNC Connect
  • TeamViewer Remote.
  • AnyDesk.
  • ConnectWise ScreenConnect.
  • RemotePC.
  • Zoho Assist.
  • Splashtop Business Access.
  • BeyondTrust Remote Support.
  • GoTo Resolve (formerly GoToAssist)

Is Android a modified version of Linux? ›

Android is a mobile operating system based on a modified version of the Linux kernel and other open-source software, designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

What is the difference between Termux and Kali Linux? ›

There is no difference. They are alternate names for the same program. I don't know how it is implemented on Kali Linux, but on my Fedora Linux desktop adduser is just a symbolic link to useradd.

How does Linux deploy work? ›

LinuxDeploy is an application that allows the installation of Linux distributions on an Android device. However, the Android device has to be rooted first before being able to install this application.

What OS can replace Android? ›

Best Android Alternatives (Updated 2022)
  • GrapheneOS.
  • KaiOS.
  • Sailfish OS.
  • Plasma Mobile / postmarketOS.
  • Ubuntu Touch.
  • Mobian.
  • Tizen OS.
  • CalyxOS.
May 25, 2022

How many lines of code does Android kernel have? ›

The Android operating system runs on 12-15 million lines. The Large Hadron Collider uses 50 million lines.

What language is Android written in? ›

Why can't Linux run Android apps? ›

In order to get an Android "distribution" running under Linux, your kernel first needs to be implementing a number of those features. Actually integrating with a Linux desktop is harder still. The graphics subsystem isn't compatible with X11, so there's no way to draw an Android app to a standard Linux desktop.

Why do hackers prefer Kali Linux? ›

The open-source Kali Linux operating system (OS) allows pen testers use the same exploits as malevolent, would-be hackers – tasks that would be needlessly difficult or impossible with a standard OS.

Is Termux discontinued? ›

People can also contribute to the project by adding new features and packages. In January 2020, the Termux development team ended support for devices running Android 5-6, making Android version 7 the minimum OS requirement. Termux v0. 101 was the last version to be updated in the Google Play Store.

Do professionals use Kali Linux? ›

3. Kali Linux Is Legal. Kali Linux is a legal operating system used for professional work, including practicing penetration testing and hacking.

Why does the military use Linux? ›

The cost factor is not the only one being considered though – many governmental institutions (in public and military sectors) from North America and European Union make the transition to Linux due to its superior stability and openness of the source code which in its turn leverages information security.

Does the military use Linux? ›

The United States Department of Defense recognises the key benefits associated with open-source development and trusts Linux as its operating system. In fact, the US Army is the single largest installed base for Red Hat Linux and the U.S. Navy nuclear submarine fleet runs on Linux, including their sonar systems.


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