Mom of Richard Dean Anderson’s Only Child Thought She Would Spend the Rest of Her Life with Him (2024)

Richard Dean Anderson has been with many women, but the long-time bachelor shared a more special relationship with one of his lovers. Anderson fathered an only child with her, and she believed their happy-ever-after was assured.


Richard Dean Anderson was one of Hollywood's prolific actors during his prime. The man was gifted with bringing to life his onscreen characters and making them lovable by the TV audience.

Anderson, who played the audacious Agnus MacGyver respected for his daring adventures in the thrilling ABC series titled "MacGyver," found overwhelming success with the feature, which ran for seven years.

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A portrait of Richard Dean Anderson as Angus MacGyver [left] Richard Dean Anderson and his partner, Apryl Prose [right] | Photo: Getty Images

While he was a likable personality on the big screens, the actor was quite the charmer in real life. The "MacGyver" alum knew how to endear people, especially female folks.

His attitude, paired with tremendous accomplishment in his field and impressive looks, gave him up. Expectedly many women loved the man, and soon, Anderson made the headlines for being in romantic relationships with a few notable faces.


While he often got into high-profile romances, the actor decided never to walk down the aisle until he died in 2017. Anderson was one of Hollywood's long-term bachelors.

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The arrival of Richard Dean Anderson with Apryl Prose. | Photo: Getty Images


Anderson was linked to actresses like Marlee Matlin of "Reasonable Doubts" and Sela Ward, who starred in "Sisters," before he fell in love with the then 27-year-old businesswoman, Dana Freedman.

Freedman worked as the head of marketing for an independent production firm based in Los Angeles. At first, the pair were in a rather unstable relationship that lingered for more than a year before committing wholeheartedly in 1992.

During an interview that sparked rumors of a possible wedding (although there were no wedding preparations), Anderson owned up to his marriage phobia, blaming it on his untamed energy, which sought adventures.

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Promotional photo of Richard Dean Anderson as Angus MacGyver in June 1985 | Photo: Getty Images

The TV star maintained that he had found his soulmate in the businesswoman, which would make him ditch the "irresponsible life" for a better one; a life that involved family and kids. While sharing his thought, Anderson admitted:

"I have lived a fairly irresponsible life. Until now, this aging child just didn't know how to settle down... We are soulmates."


Apryl Prose came into the picture in 1996; she retired as a wardrobe and prop stylist for print and TV ads in Los Angeles and had a career as an actress. Prose was familiar with Anderson's love tales, and she wrote him off as the permanent bachelor before their first meeting.


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Richard Dean Anderson on June 27, 2019 in Baden-Wuerttemberg, Stuttgart, Germany | Photo: Getty Images

However, everything changed after a one-time date, where Apryl hoped she had found her prince charming. Her friend and the actor's business partner Michael Greenburg scheduled a date for the two; after meeting, they connected instantly.

Anderson revealed that they flirted at first sight, and Prose recounted the incident as a "Roman Holiday." She confirmed that she fell for the bad boy who swayed her through his generosity and sweetness. So the former prop stylist alerted her mother and said:

"I've met the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with. Don't tell anybody. He's got a bad reputation."


For Anderson, this appeared to be his perfect love story. The actor continued dating Prose despite the distance between them, as he had to leave for Vancouver following his appearance on "Stargate."

The "MacGyver" star affirmed that he was faithful while away, and Greenburg corroborated the story, calling it a "big change" while praising the couple's characters.


To many, it would seem that Anderson was almost ready to drop his commitment scare nearly three years after meeting Prose and having a daughter with her.


Still, during an interview, the actor gushed over his relationship and hinted that they were happy with their no-marriage status. He said:

"Actually, we're not married. Apryl's my girlfriend, my companion, my best friend really. But right now, Kurt and Goldie, Oprah and Steadman are our heroes."

When asked if they would make plans to get married, the actor responded with sarcasm, explaining that it has been seemingly impossible for his mother to get rid of the issue of marriage as she consistently bugged him with it.


Anderson added that when he shared that his girlfriend was pregnant, his mother gladly asked about their wedding date. Despite fans' curiosity and mama's constant questions, he established that he was in awe of their love affair and would not put a label on it.


Even though Prose and Anderson never got married, the "MacGyver" alum experienced significant change when she walked into his life, from maintaining a level of commitment to becoming a father.

The lovers welcomed their first and only child, Wylie Quinn Annarose, in 1998. The first time father was excited to assume the role and showered his companion with love and support before and after the birth.

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Richard Dean Anderson at Comic Con 2008 | Photo : Wikimedia Commons


Anderson skillfully played his role as a father and was ever ready to be by his little princess's side throughout her life. First, he busied himself with changing diapers, feeding, and playing with her while observing the little bundle of joy.

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The actor talked about Wylie's birth; how scared he was because she was not breathing (until she was revived), adding that he needed to show courage for Prose's sake but knew his life had taken a new turn. Regardless of the change, Anderson's comment was:

"This was without a doubt the most overwhelming experience of my entire life."



As Wylie matured, she shared an inseparable bond with her father. The little Anderson never wanted the actor away from home and would refuse to talk over the phone whenever he called.

On the other hand, Anderson tried to create time amid his career for the family. The actor cleared up his weekend but admitted that the distance (Wylie and Apryl moved to California while he remained in Vancouver) was killing him.

Despite missing his girls, the actor maintained that they decided their daughter would be raised in the US—California, instead of Canada, where she was born, which hindered them from relocating to Vancouver.

Anderson separated from Prose in 2003 and was never in a long-term relationship after. Meanwhile, Prose remarried and shares two kids with her husband, Jim.


Mom of Richard Dean Anderson’s Only Child Thought She Would Spend the Rest of Her Life with Him (2024)
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