Six tools to quickly check website SEO - Search Engine Watch (2024)

Any digital marketer knows that SEO becomes more important than ever before. With the advent of new trends (for example, voice search, mobile-first indexing, AI revolution), you need to take control of your website SEO performance from the very beginning and fix any possible issues to stay afloat today.

But the big problem is that many digital marketers know a lot about SEO, but they don’t have a clear picture of their website SEO. According tothis report, 61% of marketers continue checking and improving their SEO performance and organic presence as their top marketing priority. So, if you want to fit into this 61%, it is high time to take SEO seriously and start tracking your progress.

As a savvy marketer, you want to complete more SEO tasks in less time. Whether it’s tracking your rankings or checking how well your web pages are optimized for certain search queries, SEO tools can be a real lifesaver for any marketer.

Fortunately, there are many useful tools available online that help to see your own website the way that Google looks at it and identify the areas that need some improvement.

I hope that these six tools will make your job so much easier to stay ahead of your competition.

1.Check the site load time

Many website owners often underestimate the importance of this parameter or even aren’t aware of it. According toGoogle researches, the probability of a visitor leaving a website enhances by 90% after 5 seconds after page load. After 6 seconds, bounce likelihood increases by 106%

For small businesses, if your website is slow, then your SEO is going to be poor. This means that you can meet different problems, including Google Rankings drops, high bounce rates, and low sales results.

For big companies like eBay or Walmart, quality content and interesting offers are not quite enough. Time means billions of dollars per second. For example, Amazon pointed out that it could lose$1.6 billion in saleseach year due to a page load slowdown of just once second.

Slow site speed impacts your website rankings and requires to make improvements for SEO. In November 2019, Finteza analyzed the waiting time of850 million userswho scrolled 12 billion total pages. Here are some interesting research findings:

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To identify your website loading speed, you can use Finteza to find out real results. It shows how long it takes for your users to access all web page features, how quickly they can download your content, what type of resources slow down your webpages the most, and how your website loads on various devices and in various counties.


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The tool provides real analytical data and reliable diagnostics. It allows you to detect any possible issues and fix them at any time.

2. Track keyword rankings for certain keyword phrases

It’s essential to know how each of your web pages is performing based on keyword phrases to help you increase more traffic. Finding the right keywords, making sure to thoroughly respond to the search query and satisfy the user intent is the best way to long-term SEO success.

Once you know your keyword rankings, you can determine whether you’re on the right track. One of the quickest ways to check the page ranking for a specific keyword is to look in SE Ranking. The software offers different toolkits, one of which is a keyword rank tracker.

The tool allows seeing for what keywords your website page is ranking, keywords’ monthly search volume, KEI, traffic forecast, and visibility rating. You can also compare your page performance to competition, find more profitable keywords, monitorquality backlinks, and get the most out of similar on-page website SEO opportunities.

Together with global rankings, SE Ranking monitors Google SERP Guide features, Map results, and Google Ads positions for different locations and devices.

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3. Check the mobile-friendliness

In the age of the mobile-first index, mobile-friendliness is a must, not a want. It’s no surprise that mobile users take up the majority share of online users. According tothis research, 72.6% of users will access the internet using their mobile devices by 2025, equivalent to almost 3.7 billion people.

It’s important to optimize your website for mobile users as Google still considers mobile-friendliness as one of the most significant ranking factors. Designing for mobile users, make sure to avoid long-scrolls, take into account different devices and screen sizes, and different considerations for surfing on mobile. You can check outGoogle’s new resourcefor improving mobile experiences.To check if your site is mobile-friendly, Varvy has the answer. It’s a great tool for website owners to test your site within seconds and see their websites’ performance. The tool is free of charge so you need to enter URL tostart using it.

Through this process, it will come with recommendations and guidelines on how users can improve the mobile-friendliness of your website and increase mobile rankings. Besides, Varvy offers a bunch of other useful features, including page speed optimization, page security, paid links finder, search engine optimization, and many more.

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4. Check the technical structure

How do you think? What makes a successful website? The quality content, visual and functional appeal of your website, backlink profiles, keyword research, good navigation, and many other things. But the one thing they all have in common: their technical structure. It affects your keyword rankings and user engagement.

AsMarc Robles pointed outon the LawRank blog, technical SEO helps build your solid foundation and forms a hierarchy. If you don’t want to crumble your house, you need to fulfill each level of the hierarchy of technical SEO needs (URL’s crawlability, indexability, accessibility for bots and users, rankability and clickability).

To better understand how your technical SEO performs, you can use HubSpot’s Website Grader. It’s a free tool that helps website owners detect search engine optimization opportunities. The tool builds personalized reports based on website performance, on-page SEO, mobile, and security.

You just need to enter your URL and email to get a score (1-100) and a detailed report. The tool also comes up with actionable recommendations and guidelines on how to increase your website grade. To better direct your SEO efforts, HubSpot offers a bunch of paid SEO tools.

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5. Check content relevance

Creating awesome content is not enough to generate traffic from search engines and rank high for your target keywords. It’s important to understand user content and use it to improve your SEO. As Ahrefs pointed out inthe study, 91% of online content gets zero traffic from Google.

To do this, you need to create the right content that resonates with your target audience, optimize it for relevance, and publish it where you want to see it. We’ve already viewed some of the advantages it can offer using the knowledge graph, answer boxes, local packs, and other different search results for broad matched keywords.

If you don’t optimize your content for user intent, it can get devalued. Ensure to better understand the intent of target keywords, perform the SERP analysis of these keywords, figure out what type of content is ranking well, research semantically related keywords, answer all questions users may have, and optimize content for these terms.

According tothis HubSpot study, content with a word count between 2250 and 2500 words generates the most organic traffic. So, creating long-form content can be valuable for SEO and can help you become a thought leader in your niche.

To receivevaluable dataabout questions people may ask online, I recommend a nifty free tool called ‘Answer the Public’. It provides popular keyword variations based on search queries and visualizes an awesome graphic with questions and phrases people often use when searching for that keyword. To get unlimited searches, you can learn more about the Pro plan.

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6. Audit internal links

Internal linking is crucial from different SEO perspectives. Internal links open the doors that allow you to move from one room to another room. But once a website grows older, it becomes difficult to keep a solid interlinking structure and maintain consistency through your website.

As John Mueller pointed out, the way your web pages are interlinked helps Google understand how your pages are related and its roles. Choose the optimaltype of structurethat greatly meets your business needs.

To make sure that your links on a web page work, you can consider Check My Links. It’s acool Chrome Extensionto crawl through the web page and detect which ones are valid and which ones are broken. The tool highlights good links in green and bad links in red to make it easy to spot and take immediate measures to fix them.

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Bottom Line

I haven’t mentioned every element of SEO, but this should be key areas to check your website’s SEO. Along with the right tools, you can look at it from a more holistic point of view, survive and outsmart changing algorithms.Here I’ve collected six tools that offer a lot of useful features and can reach remarkable results when used properly. Whichever tool you choose, make sure to maximize all the value you can get from it.

Irina Weber is Brand Manager at SE Ranking. She can be found on Twitter@irinaweber048.

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Six tools to quickly check website SEO - Search Engine Watch (2024)


How can I check the SEO of my website? ›

The Google SEO Checker is powered by the official Google Lighthouse platform, designed to improve the quality of a web page. Enter your URL and get access to how Google sees your website. Based on 14 key features Google will give you basic feedback and insights on how well your website is optimized for search.

What are SEO tools? ›

I define an SEO tool as any software you can use to improve some aspect of a search engine optimization campaign. These tools can serve many different functions, including search query analytics, reporting automation, AI-driven content optimization recommendations, and website performance analysis.

What is the most accurate SEO tool? ›

Best SEO Tools 2024
  • BrightLocal: Best for local search engine optimization (SEO)
  • AnswerThePublic: Best affordable SEO tool.
  • Google Search Console: Best for debugging your site.
  • Screaming Frog: Best for finding on-site SEO issues.
  • Google Analytics: Best for free site analytics.
  • Moz Pro: Best Ahrefs alternative.
Apr 5, 2024

Are there free SEO tools? ›

The Ahrefs SEO toolbar is a free Chrome extension (also available as a Firefox plugin) that allows you to check for broken links, trace redirect chains, and highlight no-follow links for any webpage. It also generates an on-page SEO report that includes the webpage's: Title. Meta description.

How do I check SEO in Google Analytics? ›

#1 Using the Channels report to measure SEO in Google Analytics
  1. Step-2: Navigate to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels report:
  2. Step-4: Click on the 'Organic Search' link under the 'Default Channel Grouping' column:
  3. If you see upward green arrows next to the majority of metrics (esp.
Sep 5, 2023

What is the number one SEO tool? ›

Semrush is one of the most popular SEO tools globally, offering a wide range of SEO and content marketing features. You can conduct keyword research, monitor backlinks, analyze competitors, optimize content, and much more, all through this platform. However, what sets Semrush apart is its Competitor Analysis tool.

How many types of SEO tools are there? ›

There are about 12 different types of SEO that help websites to rank better on search engine result pages.

How to do SEO for a website step by step? ›

Help Google find your content
  1. Check if Google can see your page the same way a user does.
  2. Don't want a page in Google's search results?
  3. Use descriptive URLs.
  4. Group topically similar pages in directories.
  5. Reduce duplicate content.
  6. Expect your readers' search terms.
  7. Avoid distracting advertisem*nts.
  8. Link to relevant resources.

What is the most credible search engine? ›

1. Google. With over 81.74% of the search market share, one hardly needs to introduce readers to Google. However, it clearly needs to head up any list of search engines.

How do I test SEO optimization? ›

SEO Testing Ideas & Examples
  1. Title Tags. Test different title tags to reveal which keywords or types of phrasing increase click-through rates from the SERPs. ...
  2. Meta Descriptions. ...
  3. Content Variations. ...
  4. Link Placement and Anchor Text Variations. ...
  5. Schema Markup. ...
  6. Optimize Images.
Mar 21, 2024

Can I run SEO without a website? ›

Many SEO strategies like increasing traffic for higher ranking by SERPs involve using a website. Can SEO be done without a website? Yes. SEO works well with websites but does not mean that you cannot take advantage of its capacity without a website.

What is an example of SEO? ›

The most common example of on-page SEO is optimizing a piece of content to a specific keyword. For example, if you're publishing a blog post about making your own ice cream, your keyword might be “homemade ice cream.” You'd include that keyword in your post's title, slug, meta description, headers, and body.

Does Google have an SEO tool? ›

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free SEO tool that allows you to track your site's health and performance. You use it to help improve your visibility and ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). For example: You could use it to track metrics that detail your search traffic changes.

Is Google Analytics an SEO tools? ›

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization and marketing purposes.

Can I teach myself SEO? ›

Learning SEO on your own is possible, but it'll take a bit of time because there is a lot to learn. Thankfully, there's so much helpful information out there to support you in your learning process. I know everyone has a different learning style, so I'll include resources that appeal to different needs.

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