The Untold Truth About iLOVEFRiDAY - Who are they? Biography (2024)

• iLOVEFRiDAY is an American rap duo made up of Xeno Carr and Aqsa Malik
• Xeno Carr was born in Oklahoma USA in 1996 and Aqsa Malik in 1997
• They became popular after releasing a song about p*rnographic actress Mia Khalifa in 2018
• Xeno and Smoke Hijabi have released an EP entitled 'Mood' and an Instagram account with over 110,000 followers
• Xeno and Smoke Hijabi's net worths are estimated to be over $300,000 and $350,000 respectively


  • 1 Who are iLOVEFRiDAY?
  • 2 More about Xeno
  • 3 More about Aqsa aka Smoke Hijabi
  • 4 About iLOVEFRiDAY
  • 5 Song about Mia Khalifa
  • 6 Age, height and net worth

Who are iLOVEFRiDAY?

iLOVEFRiDAY is an American rap duo, made up of Xeno Carr and Aqsa Malik. Xeno Carr was born in Oklahoma USA on 16 December 1996 – his zodiac sign is Sagittarius and he holds American nationality. He’s a rapper who’s probably known best for his and Aqsa’s collaborative YouTube channel ‘iLOVEFRiDAY”.

Aqsa M. Malik, aka Smoke Hijabi, was born in Oklahoma on 7 July 1997 – her zodiac sign is Cancer, she holds American nationality, and is of Pakistani descent. She’s also a rapper who’s probably known best for her collaboration with Xeno Carr, especially for their song about one of the most popular p*rnographic actresses, Mia Khalifa.

More about Xeno

Xeno was raised in Oklahoma, but hasn’t shared any details related to his parents, as they prefer to be left out of media. He hasn’t spoken of siblings either, and is thus believed to be an only child. The family often moved because Xeno’s father changed jobs many times, and they eventually settled in Atlanta, Georgia.

Xeno became interested in music while attending a local elementary school, as he and his friends would often come up with rhymes, and shared them with one another; Xeno’s the only one amongst them who seems to have succeeded as a rapper. He studied at a local high school, and was 15 years old when he began making music, using an application on his iPod Touch device.

At that time, Xeno listened to various music genres including deep house, rock and jazz, and he’s today mostly looking up to Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Kanye West. He hasn’t shared any details concerning his education, but is believed to have dropped out of high school to focus on rapping.

Xeno’s career was officially launched in 2014, when he teamed up with Zamorano and released the songs “I Like That” and “AnyWay”. It was in 2017 that he began working with Smoke Hijabi, and the two have been collaborating to this day.

Xeno prefers to keep the details of his love life to himself, and many of his fans have been wondering whether or not he and Smoke Hijabi are siblings or boyfriend and girlfriend.

The Untold Truth About iLOVEFRiDAY - Who are they? Biography (1)

Smoke Hijabi revealed in an interview with DJ Smallz Eyes in July 2018 that she and Xeno were best friends for many years before finally starting to date, as they liked each other before, but were too shy to admit it. They have been together to this day.

Xeno’s passionate about tattoos, and has numerous including ‘XENO’ under his left eye and on his neck, and an ‘X’ with four lines on his nose, amongst many others.

More about Aqsa aka Smoke Hijabi

Smoke Hijabi was mostly raised in the US by her parents, about whom nothing is known as she respects their privacy; as she hasn’t mentioned having any siblings, she’s also believed to be an only child. She spent around three years living in Pakistan at a very young age.

She attended a local high school at which she was interested in sports, and played soccer for the school’s team. It’s widely believed that she also had plans for college, but eventually decided to instead find work and financially support herself. Smoke Hijabi was also interested in acting, and appeared in a couple of school plays.

Upon matriculating in 2015, she worked as a waitress, and then started collaborating with Xeno. The two came up with the name ‘iLOVEFRiDAY” together, and are steadily building their fanbase.

Smoke Hijabi hasn’t spoken of any other men whom she has perhaps been with, but it’s widely believed that she had been in several short-term relationships prior to dating Xeno.


“iLOVEFRiDAY” was initially meant to be a vlog – the two uploaded a video every Friday, however, they missed once, and then decided to quickly make a music video instead. Their song “Hate Me” was uploaded on 20 October 2019 to mostly negative reviews, but it still helped them gain many subscribers, which made Xeno and Smoke Hijabi focus on creating music videos, and to delete all of their previous vlog videos.

Their eponymous YouTube channel was launched on 10 September 2017, and today numbers close to 650,000 subscribers, and over 150 million views of all their 12 videos combined.

Three of their most popular videos are “iLOVEFRiDAY – MiA KHALiFA (Tik-Tok ANTHEM) (Hit or Miss)”, watched over 118 million times since February 2018; “iLOVEFRiDAY – TRAVEL BAN! (Official Video)”, seen over 10 million times since 13 January 2018; and “iLOVEFRiDAY – WOAH ViCKY! (Official Video)” which has been watched over 4.5 million times since 15 May 2018.

The duo’s most recent video – “iLOVEFRiDAY – WOAH ViCKY! (Official Video)” – was uploaded on 26 February 2021, and has been viewed around 190,000 times.

On 27 September 2019, iLOVEFRiDAY released their extended play (EP) entitled “Mood”, which has received 2.93 of 5 stars on

Xeno and Smoke Hijabi are also running an Instagram account together, followed by more than 110,000 people, and there are 14 pictures uploaded onto it, all of which feature the two of them.

Song about Mia Khalifa

The duo became popular only after they released their song about Mia Khalifa on 12 February 2018. They wrote it after a fake tweet was published, in which Mia criticized Smoke Hijabi for wearing an hijab and smoking at the same time in one of her videos, however, as Smoke Hijabi didn’t know at the time that the tweet was a fake, she decided to make a diss track. It’s widely known that Mia has starred in a p*rnographic movie which featured her wearing a hijab.

The song has become so popular that there is a Wikipedia solely about it.

Age, height and net worth

Xeno’s age is 24. He has short brown hair and brown eyes, his height is 5ft 6ins (1.68m) and he weighs around 145lbs (66kgs). As of April 2021, his net worth has been estimated at over $300,000.

Smoke Hijabi’s age is 23. She has long brown hair and brown eyes, her height is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) and she weighs around 121lbs (55kgs). As of April 2021, her net worth is reputedly over $350,000.

The Untold Truth About iLOVEFRiDAY - Who are they? Biography (2024)
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