Linux desktop client · Cloudflare WARP client docs (2024)

You have two ways of installing WARP on Linux, depending on the distro you are using:

  • Find the latest WARP client in the package repositoryOpen external link.
  • Install the cloudflare-warp package that suits your distro:
    • apt-based OS (like Ubuntu): sudo apt install cloudflare-warp.
    • yum-based OS (like CentOS or RHEL): sudo yum install cloudflare-warp.

​​Using WARP

The command line interface is the primary way to use WARP.

​​Initial Connection

To connect for the very first time:

  1. Register the client warp-cli registration new.
  2. Connect warp-cli connect.
  3. Run curl and verify that warp=on.

​​Switching modes

You can use warp-cli set-mode --help to get a list of the modes to switch between. For example:

  • DNS only mode via DoH: warp-cli set-mode doh.
  • WARP with DoH: warp-cli set-mode warp+doh.

​​Using for Families

The Linux client supports all for Families modes, in either WARP on DNS-only mode:

  • Families mode off: warp-cli set-families-mode off
  • Malware protection: warp-cli set-families-mode malware
  • Malware and adult content: warp-cli set-families-mode full

​​Additional commands

A complete list of all supported commands can be found by running:

$ warp-cli --help


You can find logs required to debug WARP issues by running sudo warp-diag. This will place a file in the path from which you ran the command.

To report bugs or provide feedback to the team use the command sudo warp-diag feedback. This will submit a support ticket.

Linux desktop client · Cloudflare WARP client docs (2024)
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